New pix and pantyhose from my shooting


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All my worshipers, I have two news for you.

The first one is that you can take a look at my new pix, wearing leather clothes and high heels. The pix are taking from outside, where many people passed by me. Go into “high heels” category in my members and enjoy it.


The second news is that I damaged my stocking during the shooting. So my footworshipers, here you have an unique opportunity to buy them. Hurry up, contact me, I have only one very well worn stocking!!!!


Party in Czech


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As usually in Outumn there in Czech republic is a lot of fetish parties.

It is a nice occasion to meet with nice colleague – Mistresses and our worshipers. This time I make few pix with “Isida Is” and our slaves. The pix are taking from phone, so the quality is not good, but I wanted to share them little bit with you.


More pix in my members gallery “Photos with “Isisda Is”.



My holiday


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Summer starts and it is a time of many events, vacations and unforgetable experiences.

I started this summer by vacation in Turkey. Ohhhh yes exactly. I have been in Turkey and I did not contact you I was there, that you could have an unique oportunity to meet me and serve me. But do not worry there were some people around me that were pampering me and making my time unforgetable.


Of course that time I was thinking a little bit of you and I shot a few pix (foot fetish pix) for my lovers :) )



So enjoy my pix (more pix in my foot worship gallery) and look around because never you know which country I will visit this Summer.



Summer is beautiful


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… I do not know what you prefer more, if Winter or Summer, but I LOVE Summer.


Why? because you can be all day outside, make barbique, swim and being trained outside in forest, garden, etc. I do not want to say that I cannot train slaves outside in winter, but I do not intend to freeze. My city “Prague” looks much better in Spring and Summer, you can enjoy meal out in restaurants and savour beautiful historical sight.


So enjoy Summer, play outside in Summer and I hope to see you one day…..


You will find more pix from this shooting in my gallery (members only).


Is not Summer nice?


Next Dominatrix in Prague


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Dominatrix Ella Kros has visited Prague. One evening attended Femdom party in Prague. It is very nice to know that many Mistresses are visiting my beautiful city. It was a international pleasant party where (czech and foreign) slaves served us and do everything for our fun and satisfaction.


You can visit me as well and enjoy not only Prague but my BDSM skills. Or would you want to have a session with two Mistresses? On these pix below is Isida Is.





A lesson with one Dominatrix and her slave


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Many people are coming to Czech republic (Prague) to see our nice city or for their business. OR visit me and have an unique occassion to meet me and have a session with me. Some of them want to do shopping or invite me for a meal.

One day I had a special quest – Mistress Cybill Troy visited me. She brought her slave for a session. We had a wonderful time of two hours of “teasing” her slave. We shot some pix (it is from cell phone, not so clear) but for slobbering you it is enought :) ))) Can you imagine how it could be to have a session with two of us???


Come to Czech republic, contact me, visist me and have an unforgetable time…..

A double session with two sexy Dominatrix


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Are you in Czech republic? Or are you planning to come here and spend some time here? Are you into BDSM? Fetish? Do you want to play?  Enjoy? And have an unforgetable experience? then stop here and think twice what I am offering you!!


One very well experience Dominatrix – of course ME !!!! and one sexy looking young experience dominatrix Angella. you can have a session with us two in Prague or Brno. you can enjoy standart session from fetish through CBT, anal play, trampling to painful punishment. you can be our prisoner (in a cage), slave, toilet slave, shopping slave and any worm worthy to our satisfaction !!! you can enjoy leather, latex, vacoom bed and more and more.



Are you already horny? do you want to enjoy r kinky time for an hour – hours? What are you waiting for? Write me an application (at This sessions are only for generous worshipers that are able pay a deposit in advance!


Take him back?


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I have got this message from one (ex)slave.

Read the text and tell me what kind of punishment he has to receive?

Madame Sarka

You  might or most likely not remember me, but i will start by asking Your forgiveness for my long absence over the past year, and i will happily accept any wrath or punishment You wish to grant me for this transgression. That is of course if You even deem me fit to bother with, and of course either way i will continue to be a slave in Your divine shadow.
Prior to sending this intrusive message  i have sent Your valentines and birthday gifts to let You know that i am not just another time waster that You have to deal with. i am slave will on twitter and on Your blog. 
For the past year i have lived a hollow life, trying to convince myself that i can live without being subjugated by You Goddess, or any other dominant Lady for that matter. During this time i could not get You out of my mind and slowly my resolve failed until here i am crawling back and groveling to be forgiven and given a chance to redeem my lowly self to You. i now know that i will only feel content and whole if i am enslaved by You. i will wait in longing hope that You will grant me a second chance to prove my worth to You. Now i will wait for You command.
 Your wayward longing slave …….. “