Here u can read a report from one slave who had first abroad training with me. Read his first impression and conclusions.

3The time has arrived…Her plane has landed. I am waiting for Her at the airport. A bit nervous, i don’t know Her. It’s the first time we meet in real life. Many thoughts in my mind. Will I be at the good level for Her? Will She be pleased by my services? Don’t know. Still waiting for Her, trying to see Her through the people coming out from the gate.

My doubts will soon find an answer, i can see Her now. She is beautiful, more than in pictures and movies. And She is here. The adventure starts.

We spent 2 days together. Some time has passed from that first moment. Things changed. I learnt a lot and i still can’t believe how many things She has been teaching me, starting right away from the beginning.
The first thing that impressed me is that She is really enjoying the lifestyle. Her smile, kindness and deep blue eyes can mislead sometimes.
And in these 2 days i had the “luck” to care about Her and the “possibility” to learn fast how painful a mistake can be.
She brought me through new paths. She guided me into a new territory that i didn’t even image. But the reward has been also high. The possibility of serving Her, spending time at Her feet, preparing food, massage Her body, bringing Her around my city, etc.etc.
And learn how to serve properly, step by step. Stroke by stroke. Smile by smile.
And when the night was coming, She was making sure that i won’t forget about Her until next morning. I was exhausted at the end of day. But a smile from Her, a sign of appreciation, a gentle word worth all the efforts.

She has gone now. She is flying back. Maybe i will see Her again. Maybe She will remember about me. Maybe i have been good enough for Her standards. But one thing is sure. This experience will stay in my dreams for a while.

Slave X.

More pix from the training are available in my official website.

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