My slaves, worshippers, admirers and followers.

As a Woman, I like to wear sexy dresses combined with high heeled shoes. Being seductive and being sexy is every Woman’s wish. Respectable men, reduced to craving and crawling slaves, speaking humbly and kissing a Woman’s shoes, that’s the dream of all Women. This is all very lovely and I’ve always enjoyed receiving these sexy items from you. But giving those dresses and shoes is more about your need, then it is about mine.


As said: I want to look sexy all the time, but are you sure Women dress up in leather or latex each minute of the day? Do Women always wear sexy mini-skirts, tight corsets or high heeled shoes the whole year around? You think Women do not go the a gym, that they don’t cook a meal or just relax on a sofa in comfortable and casual clothes. Women never read? Or attend an informal barbecue? Listen to music, watch a movie?

Well let me tell you this: they DO, of course they do. Because a Mistress is always a Woman first! Each Mistress has Her own life and for all the things I’ve mentioned, She needs different things. She needs practical clothes, summer and winter shoes, you don’t need to be a scientist to understand that. And yes, Mistresses do read, and they need things for their home, their garden, sport, hobies, etc, etc!

So IF you want to please me in the future, really please ME, then do not send me any fetish clothes for at least 3 months. Because I have enough shoes and dresses to open up my own fetish shop! But I do need daily clothes, for my own life, I need some equipment for my house, my garden, I need to go to the beauty salon, to the gym etc. Best way to please me is to send me a financial donation, so I choose for myself which way to spend it.

Otherwise contact me first and ask me what I need, so I can give you the needed information for a gift.

Be brave and don’t be shy, because if you please me with this, then you’ll be worth more to me. Because then I know it’s your true goal to please me. Use your brain and be a gentleman, be worthy of your slave title and don’t be selfish.

In my next post I will tell you what I need.

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