My slave were wearing the chastity because it was my wish and he wants to please me. Here u can read his sensation from this first experience.


“Dear Madame Sarka

İ have already remember when I first time I saw you at a web page of owk. İ supposed  it was 1998 or 1999 , As like many people first feelling suddenly I caught to your charm. But how it was possible to contact with you. İn this those thoughts , discovered  after a few years later You had decided to go your way by creating your web page .Well done so there is a possibility to get in contact with you. After  my  first application email , I realized that There is realy very kind lady whom I am in touch. İ don’t know if you remember my first application or not…

Ahh sorry I forgot also we had a small chating at your forum dominity. You had gave  me a chance to serve you financialy ..anyway being of my  army service and some business problem I had missed this chance and  then one day I saw you at yahoo you had told me I can send via wu and it was my first pleasure to feel serving you. What a great honour. After non regular wu transfers , before your genova visit ( I follow your web page regulary) you had advise me to have a few bdsm toys which was realy interesting. After you turned back from your trip and I had a chance to talk with you at yahoo.İt was amazing you ask me to wear chastity device starting from 13.august Saturday morning. İs it luck or a gift I don’t know it was my 33 th Birthday .Today (16.08) morning You told me I can remove device today at 19:00 pm..After removing device I would like to write  4 days  day by day and feelings after remove device as you told to write today.

Saturday: i wore device at 9 am after breakfeast. İt was realy exciting to do this for you. İ had erection during wearing it and I hardly achieve to wear device.As I told before there were some plans during this day but wearing this device makes me excited but also time goes slowly. İt is clear that cb is not comfortable device mainly during toilet time. İ do it by sitting at bowl couldn’t do it stand up. All day I was thinking you .forexample what is she doing , what she will think of my this behavior extra, even some birthday celebrations was boring cause I wish to log on internet and read your web page. And I had found a time around mid night. İ surf at yoru web page suddenly I found myself at yoru web page.İ cant control myself, willing to watch your movies or clips, I try to buy one. But there is nothing happed after I paid ..wow how possible I try to control my excitement and check where I make mistake but there is no mistake. Then I log on  and try to one  again , suddenly I remember to check my membership details ..aww what I saw I had wrote my email address wrong I wrote mail instead of gmail. I correct it and then buy one more and this time I saw at my email box an email coming from yoru web page and when I opened  I saw movie clip I enter link and this time I realized I bought Madame Nicole clip instead of yours anyway I close clip cause , it was hard to control myself and go to bed. Sure it wasn’t easy to sleep

Sunday: İ woke up around 11 o clock .i had slept well all night I turn right and left not a good sleep. İ sleep mainly face to bed , I get used to it but this time I couldn’t. when I woke up I had big erection.Cb hurts realy bed ,After a few hours I didn’t feel horny but feel  that I should to be control of you, some humiliation feelings appear. İ log on a few times to yahoo to catch you online as we talked to but I didn’t catch you. İ was getting tention so I think I should concentrate on something different then I go out to walking .After long walking and lose energy ,cb was more mangable.But meantime I started to feel alone  , humiliated.. and consider how I can be more usefull for Lady and have her attention.Answers are not easy to find .hardly finish day

Monday :When I woke up early morning ,cause it was working day I had realy feel horny cause at night during sleep I had wet dreams a few times I woke up during night as like fucking cb device and cbs hurts badly. Wow how I will finish to work ,or will catch Madame today at yahoo.İ went office  and after long on internet check your web page and blog. Hmmm there were news I red them carefully.İ should to work but cant concanrate. Near noon time I saw you online .When you wrote me I become a calm down.But when you ask me that you wanna see cb device I feel lady has a doubt ..did I do all without aim or ????  During day I was strecing my legs into each other to control my horny but it was raise much

And after you told me you want a photo proof awww how can I wait night to do it or should I take a risk to make photo at work

At night when I came back home, I took photo as a first thing. Now maybe lady will believe me and she appreciate the period.When I tried to sleep this night, when I close my eyes Your  view is infront of my eyes,your photos I download my compture, your videos I download from yoru web page or other ones which I found at forms, I could remember your interviews I read at internet.how should i sleep? My balls get all control of my body,I cant control hormons. I was so weak

Tuesday : Again I hardly woke up cause couldn’t sleep well. What must I do , break device or ask her to take them off. She didn’t believe me so first I must show her photo and tell her that I cant handle more.but if she asks to keep more..Lets pay she is kind today. They were the thoughts while going office.

Again near noontime I saw you at yahoo. Tell all thoughts on a kind way. Yummi You told me to take of device this evening. When I read them there were pre cumming . meantime I saw you had added genova trip photo to your web page hmmm time to download them to my archive file. What a nice view infront of statu.. and I should to say I adore your manicure style.Time doestn pass I should be at home at 19:00 cause I cant handle more.Pre cumming goes much, I feel to bomb, I am little aggressive but how I will thank her. Hope she will show me way. And suddenly you wrote me to write a email regarding those days. Yes!!! Luck turn back maybe. In this heavy times it is hard to tell feelings and thoughts. And I twice lucky I should write at least 20 sentences it seems I passed it more,I hope you don’t bored during reading this email.  I had a chance to write you to tell what I live how I feel and worries..İ should to thank you millions time. And now it is 1900 , my notebook is tied to my lcd and your thousdan photo is on a slayt show and I took device.i feel worship. And feel freedom is lovely when you permit.

As a result thank you very much to let me feel your power on me once more. And make my dreams at least virtual true whom knows I  can have a chance to meet in real .Or moreover I can learn the road to achieve more. Questions which were in my mind how I can find right answer , to follow your web page well, or without obey to learn more.İ believe we should live brightness moment of life as we can .Cause it is realy short if we count happy moments

Best Regards
slave kok”

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