Wearing a chastity belt for Madame Sarka

Dear fellow slaves and adorers of the unique and beautiful Madame Sarka. I am sitting here, ehm… no. I am kneeling here (that is way more appropriate) in front of my PC, staring at the sheer beauty of the unique Madame Sarka and wearing the chastity belt for her.


Some of you might ask yourself “why is he doing this?” but the answer is quite easy. Being controlled by such a strict and beautiful Mistress as Madame Sarka gives me feelings I can’t easily describe. I haven’t even met her in reality, but we spoke a lot via messenger and even seeing her at webcam shows me exactly how much more worthy she is than every woman I have ever met before. Her smile makes me shiver in devotion and I just can’t do anything but obey. Like I said before, I am in chastity right now and it hurts really badly, because every time I think about HER makes me hard. But right here lays the problem. I don’t want to be her slave because I need to be sexually satisfied; I want to be her slave to be usable and available just for her and for her needs. And is there a better way doing this by being in chastity for as long as her highness demands it? No!

Deep down inside me, there is the hunger for being used and abused by a Goddess, a Goddess like Madame Sarka is and will ever be! You can’t imagine what I felt when I was allowed to see her webcam for the first time. She wasn’t dressed in any kind of fetish-outfit, but here appearance alone made me gasp for air. She knows exactly what she wants and, what is even more important, how she gets it… always!

So I am looking forward having my tiny friend locked away for a long time in the near future to become a perfect servant for her Highness Madame Sarka. That is the way I can become a usable toy for her and what else could a guy like me wish for?

German slave

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