My readers, here u can read all the report writen by a slave who invited me in Switzerland. I have to confess, indeed we had a nice time full of serving, game, travel, laught and relax time.


“After weeks of preparation and uncertainties, and after endless thinking of what to say, to do and so on in all minimal particularities, i now was finally at the airport waiting for my Mistress Madame Sarka. Naturally i was half an hour before time, and i was walking all around to see if i could see a pre-hint of my Mistress Madame Sarka…. logically (and Murphys law) i missed my Mistress Madame Sarka and when i went back to the exit i saw her…. i looked twice to be sure… yes it was her….. exactly as on the fotos…. so i went over and said, my Mistress Madame Sarka, your servant is waiting for you. You looked at me and said, „oh it is good we met“. So i took her lugage and we went to my car. There she was pleased with some chocolates and we went to the Alps, having magnificent weather……… when Mistress Madame Sarka is travelling then also the weather could not be better!!!

Arrived in the hotel we went to our room, from where she decided to go to the pool. It was a special pleasure to see her in a bikini………. wow, it was getting quit hot……!!! in the evening we had a good dinner and our conversation became very animated. A pampering of her feet could not miss before going to bed! It was a really fantastic lesson……….

On the next day, we went to walk a bit around in the Alps, and took some cabin transport. It was good to see such beautiful nature combined with my Mistress Madame Sarka, and we could also talk about many things, really warm and friendly atmosphere.

Only in rare cases i noted that she commanded and there was no doubt, her
orders had to followed, if not her red box with many bdím stuff came into
action. After dinner (which was very pleasant indeed) i could pamper my
Mistress Madame Sarka newly, what a great opportunity, and she also showed me the so called red box. Belive me: the utilities in tis box are small but VERY effective: every admirer of Mistress Madame Sarka would immediately obey!!! so as the hotel was quiet we had the possibility to relax completely and this was very welcome for both of us.

The 3rd day, my Mistress Madame Sarka wished a boat trip on a lake! So what is nicer than that?!?!? sunshine, my Mistress Madame Sarka with me and no hurry at all….. so it was a good way to pass our time together, and having interesting discussions. The dinner was the best of the trip…. you know why? you would not guess…. she loves maize, cucumber and beetroot. But as well a good wine, and a lots of meat!! (not only meat from sub’s). So around the dinner i had to perform different tasks to pamper my Mistress Madame Sarka. Feetworship and taking care of her in every way was very pleasant.

Sadly, the last day began: after a rich breakfast we got slowly to the airport, where i not only brought back my Mistress Madame Sarka but also a woman which has impressive qualities. If you are looking for a very special Mistress, then you have found it: Mistress Madame Sarka.”

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