I had a webcam session with a slave. We had quite an interesting conversation and during the session he told me that he is dreaming quite often about me. Because I am a Woman and very curious, I wanted to know at least one of his dreams. During reading it, I laughted and decided to share it with my readers. Enjoy.

Thank you Madame Sarka for the time you gave me with you on cam and little bit audio ;)

Like you ordered i will here tell about a  dream i sometimes had about you while i was sleeping and dreaming ! Its kinda creapy and a mix of nightmare and joy…


I find my self in a dark room, its totally dark, i cant see anything, but i sence im not alone, its like when a weak animal sence a predator in the forrest… And suddenly it all starts…the sound :”click, clack, click, clack“…

The sound of high heels or boots walking…and it comes closer and closer… And then…i get the shock. A flashlight is turned directly into my face, and i hear a sound i only know to well : “SLAVE !

My silent voice says : “Madame Sarka i’m here but i can’t see you…

And in a split second Madame Sarka point the flash light up on her face and start a high laugh: ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !

Of course, i only allow you too see me slave when i want to“.

Then, she removed the flashlight away from her face. I can hear the Madame is walking around me. Whispering: “Are you scared slave ?

Yes i am…

WHAT, the Madame Says. Yes i am Madame Sarka, very.

Goood !!!

The Predator Madame Sarka, keeps walking around me… And then snaps her fingers and the light turns on in the room… I gosh when i see the Madame… In Leather from top to toes ! I feel the drool is running out off my mouth, i know i can’t resist it… the Madame is soo tempting, i try too kiss her Boots.

Instead I received a smack on my head and i woke up with my head on the little bed table close to my bed…… I look on my bed covered with drool. My god !

Why does Madame Sarka always have to enter my dreams and leave when the fun starts ?…

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