December 1st. I flew from Rome to Prague. Unfortunately, my flight was canceled and I had to wait for the next one for 6 hours at the airport. I flew through Frankfurt to Prague. I was about 11 hours on the way. Normally, in 11 hours I would easily travel from Europe to America or anywhere else.

0163Because I am Madame, any problem or any mistake is a slave’s mistake. At Prague airport, was waiting one slave who was lend (by a Mistress who is also a close friend) in order to help me. I had permission to do whatever I want with him, just to make me smile and forget the terrible and horrible trip.

I took him to a hidden place in the parking area where he received some ballkicking, faceslapping, spitting and he had to do exercising dips with kissing my boots.

After such a ”relief”, I was relaxed and ready to meet another slave who was waiting around just to give me Christmas socks with some presents. Why so early? Because he will not be in Prague on Christmas time and he wanted make me happy this time.

Hmmm… Sometimes, it’s so nice to be a Mistress.

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