It’s not really big news, when I tell you that I receive many emails each day. Sometimes, it’s about serious business. Sometimes, it’s about my websites, my pics, what makes them so appealing and so on. And sometimes the mails are absolutely lunacy.  It’s heartbreaking to read some of those annoying mails, without saying “Hello” or “Hi”. I’m not even talking about not mentionning my name, because they’ve probably sent these bullshits to many Mistresses, so they don’t even try to make it personal. Why not looking some contents that reveal the total absence of a working brain cell ?

Can u cut off my cock and balls ?” or “Can u castrate me and then marry me ?” or “tell me why are u not coming to Hungary“.

It’s really disturbing to read so much stupidity and these mails are probably written by creeps with a tiny dick, living alone (or still living with a dominant mother), without any social skills and still virgins from head to toe. They live in a bizarre, fucked up world of their own without any moral standards and they have not a clue what the real BDSM world is all about. They live in their own tiny, isolated world and, luckily for all of us, they will remain there till the day they die. I hate receiving these stupid mails written by people who don’t give a shit about who’s on the receiving end of the message.

Let me be clear about this: I’m talking about self-centered brainless mails here. If someone has a genuine interest in my travel schedule or wants to know if or when I will travel to (for example) Hungary, then I will answer such a mail, as I always did. And the answer to such a question is simple: I can’t be everywhere at the same time and I’m only visiting countries because someone has invited me to come. And “inviting” means scheduling and booking some time with me. So if you can’t invite me and if you can’t travel to Czech Republic to meet me there, don’t expect me to travel to your country. I’m not a slave and you can’t expect me to go somewhere without any pre-bookings or arrangements, it would be a waste of time and money.

The BDSM scene gives me the opportunity to meet some nice, polite and clever people (I like clever people), but unfortunately the scene is invested with silly and annoying people as well….

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