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Sometimes, an artwork deserves sincere and deep respect. I was lucky and happy to work with a guy who is a smart photographer and a wonderful graphic designer.


I really felt superb and comfortable in his lens and was often positively surprised when watching the final result on his laptop. Since 2007, he works/improves many pictures and wallpapers for my website and designed my Whipping Blog (banners, pages, contents) this summer.


Moreover, he openly acknowledged that this recent terrific job would have been much harder without my iron hand and my merciless nature. Under my martial law, he discovered the sensuality of femdom and left Prague with his ass very painful outside… and inside !


Now, I have a huge collection of a thousand pictures that will be released step by step in my official website.


By the way, Christmas and New Year are approaching. The admirers, the worshippers and the slaves who prove their devotion to their Mistress (with very nice gifts !) never regret it. The clock is ticking… What are you waiting for ?!

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