I red this excellent quote about professional dominants on the Femdom Resource blog :

“I have endless respect for successful professional dominants. The list of skills they require is amazing. They need to be technically skilled in all the various facets of BDSM play they offer (piercing, whipping, suspension bondage, medical play, etc.). They need acting ability and imagination to deliver role play scenes. They need a good understanding of psychology to figure out the hot buttons and land mines in their submissive’s head.

On a daily basis they have to be able to deal with everyone from nervous novices to experienced leather skinned masochists. Not to mention the weirdo’s and freaks they attract on-line. And on top of all this, they have to run a small company, skirt the vagaries of the law and work in a degree of secrecy. A great domme would seem to be a combination of therapist, actress, nurse, psychologist, performance artist, physical trainer and business entrepreneur. Of course, sometimes even all this isn’t enough. Sometimes they’re called on for abilities and skills that you just never hear a career guidance counselor mention.”

I completely agree with that. Sometimes I consider myself as a multitask manager in my own start-up. Someone who writes such quote should be clever and very well experienced in BDSM. What is your opinion?

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