Na strankach “Novinky.cz” si muzete precist  spravu o nove sm restauraci . To by nebylo tak zvlastni, ale sokujici a prekvapive na tom je, ze tato nove otevrena restaurace je v Izraelu – Telaviu. …………………………………

Oh, sorry ! I was so shocked I forgot not to speak my native tongue. For some people who do not know where I live – it is Czech republic (Central Europe)  and my language is czech.


I know you do not understand it. It’s a very dificult language and it’s not international. Very shame ! Because I can talk for hours and hours in my native tongue.

Back to my previous comment. I wrote that in some country, an SM retaurant was opening. Nice and curious idea. Why not ?

Many people would like to go in some SM restaurant, take a good meal, have some drink and after that being punished for any reason or worshipping feet, etc. It’s very surprizing to see that this restaurant is opening not in California, in the Netherlands, in Denmark, in UK, in Germany or in Czech Republic but in Israel – Tel Aviv ! Yeaaah ! Exactly. I wonder how many people will visit this restaurant.

Here is the link (unfortunatelly, it is in czech language but you can insert it in Google translator or learn my language!) : they say there are 2 waitress in latex outfits. If you do not like their meals, you will be punished or hanged, left in a cage, etc.

That’s a good reason why to visit Tel Aviv…

A little preview about this restaurant :

Israel’s first sadomasochist restaurant is set to open today, claiming however, that only the surroundings, not the food will be a painful experience, the Israeli Yediot Ahronot daily reported yesterday.

The restaurant, appropriately named the “Dungeon”, is to open its doors in the old southern Tel Aviv suburb of Yaffo, with a hostess dressed in a black vinyl outfit welcoming guests by flashing her whip.

Waiters and waitresses in similar outfits serve the diners, who must be 18 years or older, from a French bistro menu.

The diners can tie themselves to the restaurant’s metal tables if they like, using the shackles provided.

If they dare to complain about the food or the service, however, they risk being whipped or hung in an iron cage from the ceiling.

“If somebody complains about his steak for example, he will be put in a cage or he must go down on his knees,” said owner Amos Levy, who nevertheless says the idea of the restaurant is to “serve high-quality food, but in the framework of an alternative experience”.

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