Last week I had to go with my dog to the small animal veterinarian. It was crowded and I hate waiting! I should get myself some VIP ticket to get in first without having to wait all the time.

madamesarka_winter_003In the opposite side to me, was a very young boy (around 18 y.o.) with a parrot in a cage. He was staring at my boots all the time and I challenged him by turning the top of my boots (wet from snow)… what made him blush. I played with him like a cat with a mouse and I loved it. After few minutes, he came closer and showed me a paper with the words “Are u Madame Sarka ?” written on it.

After that all the waiting became rather pleasant. When I left, I gave him a paper with my phone number and a place where he will have to wait for me.

Later that day, we had a nice dinner (I ordered his meal and mine, of course). I had a vision – a young hare, so young hare on a plate and another one sitting next to me. Next week we will meet in my dungeon. It’s so nice to be famous.

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