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Till last week I thought that this year I will not write about Christmas presents, what I would like to receive, etc. As usual I used to receive some presents from my long time slaves and some loyal slaves who have a contact with me or serve me on distance. I know they will please me this time as well and it is necessary to write some ads, etc. They know what I like or they ask me via email because they really want to please and thank me for the time I gave them through all year/s.


Some slaves “true” worshipers who all the time write how they adore me, want to be my slave, pet, will do everything what I want, they kiss my feet, etc, etc, etc. But I receive nothing from them! Because they can please me only with this silly cheap words, emails  that end in my trashbox immediately !!!

Here is little advice for a TRUE worshipper who REALLY wants to please me this Christmas time and buy me some present or send some fin. gift.

Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com Amazon.de Amazon.de

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