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It’s always a nice feeling to have my slaves under my control even if they are living far from Czech republic. For your info, Czech Republic (Central Europe) is the country where I live.

Are you free slave ? Do you dream to be owned by a Mistress? Hmmm… Shame you are not my slave because you would have this nice slave’s life.


Do not spend your time by writing here “i want to be your slave Mistress… I want to be your dog, Madame“. I receive such emails every day and be sure they are ending in a dustbin. WHY ??? It’s easy to say because you do not mean your word seriously. Why/how I know it? If somebody can write me thousand times such a sentence and is willing to do NOTHING for it and expect me to come to his country, to please him, to fullfill his dream but has never ever pleased me, he doesn’t know what he wants and he is not worth.

I’m happy to have few serious and generous slaves and one of them is my “vezen”. Have a nice humiliation day.

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