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Every day I receive many emails. Some of them are worth reading and some are very “cheap” probably from silly slaves.

I know that many Mistresses have been receiving this kind of emails but I decided to share some emails with you . (maybe with you who has been sending these emails). These emails are without calling Mistress by her name, without specific request and signature. It is clear that some idiots write this email within 5seconds and send it to MANY Mistresses, waiting who replies to them.

From this email it is paradox that “he likes ONLY my feet and is dreaming ONLY of me)…….. and he believes I will trust him.

“Hi, you are my dream forever. I want to meet you. Your feet are all my life. Please give me chance.”

Next very trustworthy email:


i come to prague and really want to meet you.

I hope to be a perfect dog and bitch for you
kind regards”

Next one and I am his Mistress even I have never  seen and communicated with him !:

“Hi,my Mistress how are you? I need see you

your slave,forever”

Sure some people are clever and some are stupid, but too stupid?????

You who hava been sending me this kind of email can think where your email ends ……..

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