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Some days ago I ordered my slave to buy new whip. Read his report ….
“Madame Sarka recently did me the great honour of permitting me to buy her a new whip that she wanted. As some money was due to arrive in my bank account three days later, i told her i would order her whip on that day. She was disappointed by this delay, so, naturally, i had to be punished.
She ordered me to sleep on the floor for the three nights – and every night following, if there was any further delay.
i slept very badly – partly because i was uncomfortable and partly because i was so excited to be dominated, humiliated and punished by Madame in this way. (i should explain that Madame keeps me in a chastity cage – i am not allowed to masturbate without her permission – so i just had to suffer). i slept for about 4 hours each night. At the end of my punishment, i was tired, sore and very, very sorry, but happy to have given physical and psychological expression to my devotion to Madame Sarka and provided her with some entertainment to compensate for her disappointment.
i have now ordered her whip, and can return to my bed – i hope!
Madame ordered me to write this brief report, to amuse and inspire her female readers, and to frighten and warn her slaves : give Madame what she wants, when she wants it - or You too will be punished! ”
Homeless Man Sleeping on the Floor
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