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Today I am very king and I updated my page with a lot of pictures.

This time I will please people which like Boot worship, CBT and Whipping.

You can look forward to Boot worship section (30pix) where I am humiliating two slaves by feeding them with food from my boots and floor. I think it is necesarry to tell you I am helping them by spitting into to food and on the boots and smashing the food on the floor and force my slaves to eat the food from my sole of the boots.



In CBT section (29pix) you can enjoy “outdoor” pictures where my prisoner has to pull many brick on his swollen balls. Of course kicking, slapping and my long whip are necesarry to help him.



Whipping section (46pix)  is put in “black and red” because it is shot in a red room where I am  painting slave’s body on red colour. I have to say he was very brave and coped the load of hard whipping.



Do not forget to see all my new clips in my members because the pix above are for these clips!

anim Disgusting food

anim Your balls for my amusement

anim Do not be late





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