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All my worshippers, I see you are following me on Twitter or FB. It is good to follow me in both medias, because something I update ONLY in Twiter and it does not appear in FB. When I write a post in FB you can see the copy of the post in TW as well.

After a few days  of being silence here in my Blog I want to wtite two important blog post -

1 – All my worshippers, readers, followers, etc. please NOTICE ONLY I reply you on your email, I writte on FB or TW – ONLY I comunicate with you. There is NO servat, slave, minion who reply on your emails, etc. Maybe some Mistresses have such a slave who take care of their emails, FB, etc but NOT in my case.!!!! So do not worry someone else will read your email………. I like to be in “touch” with my readers and everytime (sooner or later) I find a time to reply you !!

madamesarka pc

madamesarka pc1 2 – I REALLY HATE when some fucker thinking with his little, dirty, flaccid cock and NOT with his brain is using my pix and make a FB profile. Here is one profile with different name but with my pix !!!!! https://www.facebook.com/niko.bano.3  BE AWARE of this, please !


Today I updated my page. There you can see new pix in Foot – Boot section and Caning section. Anyway you can read it in my FB-TW medias :)


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