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I know I am the best and you have been following me many years. Checking every my travel, every new movie, clip, sessions, etc, etc.

Anyway not for everybody it is easy to travel to Czech to meet me and fulfil all your dreams therefore I do an online training, keeping my slaves, prisoners in a chastity (owing the key of course), giving them tasks that have to fulfil withing their imprisonment, etc, etc. If you are interested in such a training, being my prisoner for distance, fulfil my commands (find some links, report about something, do writting tasks, sending pix from r fulfilled task, be on cam where I can command you, etc, etc) then write me a short email about yourself, your bdsm experiences, where are you from, your age and if you are single or engaged. Be sure it is a paid training, so do not write me an email if you do not want to pay for my time and atention. First you pay, then you get a training.!!!


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