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I have slaves and (human) properties.

One property of mine did not obey me. he got keys from his chastity he was locked for weeks in. I told him to open to lock in some time but he did not obey me and unlocked hours earlier. Of course, this make me angry!!! How I know he unlocked himself earlier? Easy, he did not send me promission pic of his locked cock.

I gave him writting task for his disobedience. he had to write in certain time 500sentences in czech language to know who is Boss, who is in charge and who has to obey me. I know it is a lot of sentences, but it is his problem. he did not obey me – he deserved a big punishment. If he was next to me he would have received caning punishment (maybe 500strokes with cane!!!!) WOW I like it. :) )


The czech sentences  - “jsem neposlusny otrok a je mi to lito” means i am disobedient slave and i am sorry for it.

Here you can see his work. I hope he will remember it and will be better next time – hmmm who knows!! Slaves always need to be trained!!!!!!!!!! I know noone who is perfect – unfortunatelly :(

task 1

task 2

task 3

task 4

task 5

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