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Hmmm where to start….

Ok. I remember the gold OWK time, where clients – slaves came to live out a real SM session – training. A time where they only told us if they want to serve us, or to be prisoners, like horses, dogs, mail maids, etc. They did not tell us how we have to do the session, they did not talk about discount, they did not write any scenario, they did not sugest any idea regarding the training, etc. They were real slaves, the submissive people who wanted to live out the real sm life. They wanted to fill out their dream, what they were dreaming about all nights and maybe all days and not to play a game they are somebody what they are not. They wanted their dreams come true. They came, enjoyed a real training and they came again and again. Does not matter they are just employee or boss. There was everybody on the same line – under our superiority and they enjoyed their inferiority.

THIS TIME – I do not want to say, there do not exist real submissive slaves they want to please and pamper their Mistresses. I want to say men are more demanding, they “order” what they expect from the session . They think they are paying and a Mistress will fulfill everything what they expect. For example a Mistresses give discount, offer what they normally do not offer, etc. Of course, it is different time, almost everything is a question about money. I know Mistresses they do sessions only because of money. (Hmmm I am not sure if slaves are visiting them again, because they feel it and see the Ladies do not enjoy their sessions, the are not imaginate, etc). Many clients have told me about that. It is really a bad time and it is competition who will have more clients and who will earn more money. I see it and know it from other Mistresses. In internet there are many real and unreal Mistresses they are luring clients into sessions, etc.


I really hate this time, nothing is from heart, serious, etc. Everything is about money…. It is true I am not doing sessions for free, I do not have tatto “red cross” on my forehead, but I am not doing it only for money but for my pleasure, amusement and because I want it. So please do not try to send me silly emails about sessions asking me for sending details scenario how the session should look, asking me about discount, telling me what exactly I should wear, what nails I should have etc.etc. I really do not need the money in any case, I am not envy at clients like are some ones from other Mistresses, I am not “slave” and I will not do what you want… Of course, I respect your limit and listen your dreams but that is all. If you do not accept my rules, then try to contact other Lady not me. If you do not respect me then I and you would not enjoy the session and nobody of us want it.

I want reality, where true submissive slaves, fetishist know their possition and want to be there. I do not need and look for some silly game.

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