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This is a brief journal of my visit to Prague to see Madame Sarka. I went to Prague for a week to meet up with Madame Sarka. With me living in the US and she in Europe there are rare opportunities for us to meet in person so I was very excited about seeing her again.


On the first day I had invited Madame Sarka to my hotel in the Old Town. She arrives in the early evening and we meet and greet in the lobby. It is always such a wonderful experience to see Madame Sarka in person, much more so than the online photos. She is such a beautiful woman with a radiant smile and sparkling eyes.

On the ride up in the elevator she notices I am a little nervous as I fumble with my key card, and she gives me her beautiful smile and the disarming phrase she sometimes uses - ”I don’t bite”.

In the room she is quick to take charge. She demands I get naked – not really my favorite and I try to wangle my way out of it but to no avail – she is in charge and I obey.

I have been under her chastity control for months, but she had let me out of the device for my travel. Now I have to fit my chastity device again in front of her. She attaches one of the numbered plastic locks and takes a photo to record the number. She relaxes in the chair as I massage and worship her feet, while we chat and do some catching up.

It is a warm, beautiful evening and she decides we will go out for dinner. A pleasant stroll down to the Old Town Square and al fresco dinner over a beer concludes the evening.


The next day I am out on the town when I get a text message from Madame Sarka. She wants me to come to her dungeon in the evening. I am both thrilled and a little nervous, having never been to her dungeon before, what does she have in mind?

Later in the evening I am in the cab on my way to her when I get another text message – she tells me to bring some cold drinks for her. Panic. How do I get it? I am in cab halfway out in the suburbs, it is evening, stores close early here. I have the cab driver run around from store to store until we finally find one that is open and I can get the drinks.

I finally arrive at the dungeon – one of several that she uses. This is a real basement




dungeon with all the whips and canes and restraint gear. It turns out Madame Sarka has had a very long day, and now wants to relax with something cool to drink and a foot massage. So of course she calls on her slave to bring it to her. I massage her feet in the dungeon for a good bit of time until she feels refreshed.

Then a ride in her car back to the hotel again. Madame Sarka is relaxing in the big chair, lazily watching TV, enjoying dinner ordered from room service. I sit and massage and worship her feet. Then she gets mischievous and asks for pen and paper. She starts to write down Czech phrases she wants me to learn. Anything from “Good afternoon” (Dobrý odpoledne) to things like “I am your foot servant” (Jsem váš nočkový sluha). Ten of them in all – and she wants me to learn them all before tomorrow.


Wednesday starts off well. We meet outside the hotel in the afternoon and I manage to greet her with one of the phrases “Rád vás vidím” (I am glad to see you). Today Madame Sarka has shopping in mind.

Buying wine and foie gras (a favorite of Madame Sarka) at the outdoor market. Then off to the upscale shopping mall near the hotel. It turns out Madame Sarka is a real shopping girl. Walking with her through the mall, store after store, anything that strikes her fancy (and that is a lot). We get her some nice things and finally finish with some Starbucks.

Back at the hotel her feet are tired, and I massage them using some of the fragrant lotions we bought.

She interrogates me on the Czech phrases I was tasked with learning. I thought I knew most of them, but in her presence and under her gaze I forget practically everything. Not a success! But she is forgiving and gives me another chance until tomorrow. All in all a very good day.


Today Madame Sarka is dressed to kill, wearing a short skirt showing her long, fantastic legs at their best and her pretty bare feet in the most sexy high heel sandals.

This is a night of serious submission for me. I submit to things I have never done for her before, and at one point I can’t even perform what she demands. It is humiliating but still exciting and worthwhile because it helps strengthen my submission to Madame Sarka.


Friday is my last full day in Prague for this trip. This is a very exciting day because tonight Madame Nicole will join us. I have admired Madame Nicole from afar but never met her in person before.

Madame Sarka prepares me for how I must greet Madame Nicole when she arrives a little later. Naked on my knees, properly greeting her feet with kisses. Madame Nicole arrives and is as tall and strikingly beautiful as in any of her photos. As I greet her properly I also manage to pull off one of my Czech phrases again to the delight of Madame Nicole. I present Madame Nicole with a small gift I brought, a piece of jewelry. Happily she seems to like it so I am pleased with this success (though of course I had received an insider’s tip from Madame Sarka of what kind of jewelry Madame Nicole likes).

They sit in the sofa, Madame Sarka enjoying a salad and Madame Nicole sipping white wine. Happily chatting with each other in Czech, me not understanding a word as I sit on the floor and massage and worship Madame Nicole’s feet. Occasionally they bring me into the conversation. Madame Nicole doesn’t speak very much English so Madame Sarka acts as translator. They are reminiscing a little about how this is how it was like in the OWK days, ladies in charge enjoying themselves and slaves just doing what they are told.

The worshipping of the two ladies’ feet continues for a long time. A great finish to my week with Madame Sarka in Prague.


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