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I have got this message from one (ex)slave.

Read the text and tell me what kind of punishment he has to receive?

Madame Sarka

You  might or most likely not remember me, but i will start by asking Your forgiveness for my long absence over the past year, and i will happily accept any wrath or punishment You wish to grant me for this transgression. That is of course if You even deem me fit to bother with, and of course either way i will continue to be a slave in Your divine shadow.
Prior to sending this intrusive message  i have sent Your valentines and birthday gifts to let You know that i am not just another time waster that You have to deal with. i am slave will on twitter and on Your blog. 
For the past year i have lived a hollow life, trying to convince myself that i can live without being subjugated by You Goddess, or any other dominant Lady for that matter. During this time i could not get You out of my mind and slowly my resolve failed until here i am crawling back and groveling to be forgiven and given a chance to redeem my lowly self to You. i now know that i will only feel content and whole if i am enslaved by You. i will wait in longing hope that You will grant me a second chance to prove my worth to You. Now i will wait for You command.
 Your wayward longing slave …….. “
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