Serious words


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I am releasing a few words, that I received from my prisoner.

Sarka’s prisoner thanks,
… his Goddess Owner Sarka for the honour to stay already at the Valentine’s Day and the birthday in the cage under your power,
… his Madame Sarka for the strict commanded chastity training to think about you always,
… his Lady Boss Sarka for showing the right place as your worker,
… his Goddess Sarka for training to love you,
… his Mistress Sarka for taking on a short leash of control to show you are the only one Mistress who decide and rule over me, 
for the enforced locked cage in the training under Your unconditional supervision.


Who wants to be next one? Or to have just a session with me in Prague.?


OWK Ladies


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One day we had a session with one slave. Why I am speaking about “WE”? it is not spelling mistake, because in the session was 3 OWK Ladies – I, Madame Nicole and Madame Loreen. From one reason I am not putting here their all body pix but you can enjoy the boot fetish pix we have shot.

It does not make sence to write here it was a funny, sexy unforgetable session full of dominance and submission. The session lenght all 3hrs !!!!!


Do you want such a session as well?


What are you waiting?


Write me an apply by email, come to Prague (Czech republic) and you can have fun!!!

Foot, foot and foot .


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I enjoyed Foot party in Czech republic. You can  be a wittnes and see I had a reall fun.

I enjoyed trampling in sharp high heels shoes.

ms3 (2)



…then I tied to walk over glass





..and then I enjoyed an excelent massage.


Do you envy??? Come to Prague (Czech republic) and serve me. What are you waiting for???

Calendar 2015


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All my worshippers, now you have unique opportunity to have me in your livingroom, even in a bed room. Order my Calendar 2015 and worship me every hour, think of me every minute. Price – 99eur.

I wonder how many worshippers will buy my Calendar :)

Have a nice kinky Year 2015 !!!

MS hl 2015


MS kalendar 2015

An unusual dress


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…you know that submission in BDSM is a gift ?


Enjoy my unusual clothes that I wore last night.

Get on your knees…


… and kiss my new boots…2

…or my each step …


… maybe my ass as well …


… and now a big task …


… you are trying to be  a good minion, but I get bored, so fuck off back to your sad little life.


… or please me, amuse me and I will change my opinion…

An experience from a session in Prague


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This is a brief journal of my visit to Prague to see Madame Sarka. I went to Prague for a week to meet up with Madame Sarka. With me living in the US and she in Europe there are rare opportunities for us to meet in person so I was very excited about seeing her again.


On the first day I had invited Madame Sarka to my hotel in the Old Town. She arrives in the early evening and we meet and greet in the lobby. It is always such a wonderful experience to see Madame Sarka in person, much more so than the online photos. She is such a beautiful woman with a radiant smile and sparkling eyes.

On the ride up in the elevator she notices I am a little nervous as I fumble with my key card, and she gives me her beautiful smile and the disarming phrase she sometimes uses - ”I don’t bite”.

In the room she is quick to take charge. She demands I get naked – not really my favorite and I try to wangle my way out of it but to no avail – she is in charge and I obey.

I have been under her chastity control for months, but she had let me out of the device for my travel. Now I have to fit my chastity device again in front of her. She attaches one of the numbered plastic locks and takes a photo to record the number. She relaxes in the chair as I massage and worship her feet, while we chat and do some catching up.

It is a warm, beautiful evening and she decides we will go out for dinner. A pleasant stroll down to the Old Town Square and al fresco dinner over a beer concludes the evening.


The next day I am out on the town when I get a text message from Madame Sarka. She wants me to come to her dungeon in the evening. I am both thrilled and a little nervous, having never been to her dungeon before, what does she have in mind?

Later in the evening I am in the cab on my way to her when I get another text message – she tells me to bring some cold drinks for her. Panic. How do I get it? I am in cab halfway out in the suburbs, it is evening, stores close early here. I have the cab driver run around from store to store until we finally find one that is open and I can get the drinks.

I finally arrive at the dungeon – one of several that she uses. This is a real basement



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