About Me

Slave, you are probably wondering where you met or when you saw me before. Perhaps you saw me in the OWK website or you just met me in some Czech or foreign SM party.


I’ve made many movies at the Other World Kingdom for many years, then I’ve developped my official website Madamesarka.com in 2004.

During my first 18 years in Prague, life was normal until I discovered the truth : the domination of WOMEN and the inferiority of men. Then I have found out lots of different ideas, practices and people who share my interests… and I’m constantly willing to learn. I like travelling a lot and going to SM parties all over the world, so that I can examine the cultures of foreign countries and apply them in my lifestyle.


As a dominant Lady I can control your thoughts and behaviour to the level I desire. I love to see you crawl pathetically in front of me, naked over dirty floors, begging for my attention of your worthless body, ready to do absolutely anything for me. You will be humiliated and tortured by me, you will be an exhibit for the entertainment, fun and laughter of other dominant Ladies – but you will love this, and be grateful for such attention. I will have absolute power over you, both psychological as well as physical.


You will again and again be taken to somewhere that is not truly a world, only a worthless empire of your fantasy, where you will meet pain and cruelty – but at the same time you will find happiness and the fulfilment of your dreams here.


I will be your GODDESS and you will be absolutely NOTHING !

I require complete submission, loyalty and faithfulness. You will always need to be careful, accurate, quick and truthful to your Mistress because even the smallest mistake, will bring immediate and severe punishment. You should understand that you occupy the place of the lowest creature and that SEX with your GODDESS is strictly FORBIDDEN.

I will put you into slavery and you will live and breathe ONLY for me.

Madame Sarka, Prague

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13 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Mark Wayde Abbott said:

    i am a very Submissive slave ,& Dirty little Bitch -Male
    may i Please try to be Your best Little slave Dirty slut Slave,?
    Please “=_

  2. I am nothing at ur feet. me naked licking ur leather boots, trembling with fear just hearing the sound of ur heels from the cage where u keep me prisoneer

  3. sissy angelina said:


    It would be an honer to be your slave ….

  4. andrey Russian said:

    Hello! My name is Andrei and I come from St. Petersburg, Russia. I
    would very much like to meet You: how much do Your services cost and
    do You speak/understand Russian? How may I find You in Prague?
    Thank You,

  5. Mark W.Abbott said:

    Yes Madane,Mistress & Goddess Saka,:-)
    i Mark Wayde Abbott had gotten a notice from a Russian lady named(Andrei ) and she told me she would like to hear from Me and to get to know me,i would like this very much and would Love it if You would Please let mHer know ,my address in(kramttobba@gmail.com)

  6. I don’t think I have the personality do be totally submissive, but I fantasize about it. Also, I admire your power and beauty.

  7. Guenther Furchtbar said:

    You are a worthy powerful Goddess like the bohemiens amazones dominating the males creatures! When i come to Prague is it possible to meet this natural born dominating personality for a diner?

  8. Paulo Miguel Gonçalves Ornelas Camacho said:

    Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka:

    I also believe in the Domination of Women and in the inferiority of men. I hope YOU can control my thougths and behaviour to the level YOU desire too Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka. I will love to crawl pathetically in front of YOU , begging for YOUR Superior attention, ready to do absolutely anything for YOU Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka. I will love also to be humiliated and torturated by YOU for YOUR entertainment, fun and laugther Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka. I will always be grateful to YOU Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka. YOU will have absolute power over me, psychological and physical Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka. I will show YOU complete submission, devotion, loyalty and faithfullness. I will live and breathe only for YOU Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka.
    I knnel and bow down before YOU Divine and Sublime Goddess Madame Sarka.

    Paulo Camacho

  9. Günther Furchtbar said:

    What a domeneering personality! A real Amazone superior of men in every manner!
    It must be fascinating to be trained and tought as her willing slave.
    Your obedient slave amazonis (because my worship for these female warriors)

  10. Günther Furchtbar said:

    Regarding this magnificent Foto of Madame Sarka with the cane on his hands i do not understand that they are “submissives boys” asking for a hard cane punish session without marks! Marks are the visible and feeling signes to be really and seriously submitted by this Amazon-Goddes!
    Your obedient slave Günther

  11. Dobrý den

    Rad bych si s Vámi sjednal termín. Mám zájem o lekci Sm , rad bych políbil Vaše nohy a umožnil Vám podvázat me koule a s Vašim dovolením vyvrcholil s možnosti líbat Vaše nohy.


  12. madame sarka i lowed dominant lady lile yu,kiss kiss your beautyfol feet cao cao and good lakye

  13. Klekám před Vaší krásou a dominancí Madam. Jsem Váš obdivovatel z Prahy. Vaše videa jsou úžasná a otrokům v nich jen závidím, jaké mají to štěstí, že s Vámi mohou natáčet, je to obrovská pocta pro ně….Zvláště mě oslovují videa s tématikou výprasků, footfetish a piss. Jak by bylo krásné být Vaším skutečným otrokem, pouhým nic na Vašich botách. Je nějaká možnost jak jím být, Madam?

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